You’ve decided to run with the bulls so everything else is secondary, right? Wrong. This page helps you make an informed decision about where you should stay in Pamplona because different people want different things. But first let’s review a few misconceptions about Pamplona hotels:

I want a hotel room overlooking the bull run.
No problem, but you have to book 1 year in advance and it’s going to be very expensive. This is why we book balconies overlooking the run. Hotel La Perla is the only hotel in Pamplona with rooms overlooking the bull run. Room rates start at around $1000/night and can be as high as $2000/night. Rooms are often booked 1-2 years in advance. If you’d like us to book you a room at La Perla, just email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1.888.825.4720.

I want to stay right in the middle of the action!
If you want to fiesta all day and night, stay in one of our downtown hotels (Tres Reyes and Hotel Avenida for example). These hotels are right in the middle of the action and sometimes the fiesta, whether you want it or not, turns up under your hotel window (at 4 am) or in the corridor. If you’re 35+ and want all the advantages of the running of the bulls while getting a good night’s sleep, we’d suggest the AC Ciudad Hotel.

I just want an inexpensive room.
The festival runs every year July 6-14. July 6-8 hotel rates are 4-5 times higher than normal, depending on your hotel, expect to pay between $300 to $800 per night. If you want to spend less money on a hotel, choose an out of town hotel such as Bed4U and/or choose the middle to end of the festival (July 9-15) when rates are somewhat lower. But you should still expect to pay between $250 to $500 a night, depending on your hotel of course.

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Price Rating: $$$
AC Ciudad Hotel****
Rooms: 117
Location: 10-15 minutes walk from city
Our clients’ favorite hotel. Within walking distance to the festival but just far enough to get a good night’s sleep. Modern, clean, and well-managed with great service.
Recommended for: 35+ travelers or families
Pros: service, quiet, excellent restaurant, free minibar, clean rooms, good bathrooms
Cons: expensive wifi & breakfast


Price Rating: $$$
Hotel Avenida ***
Rooms: 26
Location: City center
Small informal hotel in a central location close to all the festive action.
Recommended for: Singles or people traveling on a budget
Pros: Location, reasonably priced, friendly staff
Cons: Rooms can be small, noise may be an issue as hotel next to a busy road.


Price Rating: $$
Hotel Bed4U ***
Rooms: 75
Location: 40 minutes walk, 10 minutes taxi from city center
Airport-style hotel located on the outskirts of town so expect to take a lot of taxis. Modern, clean but not with a lot of style or personality.
Recommended for: travelers or families traveling on a budget
Pros: quiet, price & service
Cons: location, expect to take a lot of taxis

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Price Rating: $$$$$
Tres Reyes Iruna Palace ****
Rooms: 168
Location: In the city
Large hotel located in the heart of the action. Modern, clean, and reasonably well- managed. Just minutes from the bull run but don’t expect to get much sleep in your pricey room because there is a 24-hour carnival with open-air concerts in the neighboring park.
Recommended for: If price is no object and you want the festival at your doorstep, this is your hotel.
Pros: Location, large rooms, good breakfast, swimming pool, full-service hotel.
Cons: Price, noise, hotel was built in the 70s and still looks it.