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Married Woman (30s)

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Bachelor Party

"Thank you for the best week in 30 years that Jim and I have had as far as a vacation. You did everything you promised...plus more! We would be happy to travel with you again in the future." Jim & Susan Amis

"Dear Ryan, Thanks so much for a most memorable trip to Pamplona.  Your team was fabulous – always cheerful, always enthusiastic.  As of course were you! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience both the Opening Ceremony and Running with the Bulls – I’ll never forget those days.  And the VIP dinner was wonderful – exquisite food and I loved being able to watch the fireworks. When I returned home...I told everyone about Spyns – several people wrote down the information for next year." Jean Hester

"Just wanted to tell you what a great time we had in Pamplona, even for a couple of Canadians! Great execution from all of your staff." Carter Levey

"We want to thank you for the wonderful way you have planned your tours.  While the Running of the Bulls is certainly the centrepiece, for us the bullfight and dinner after were particularly memorable highlights.  We owe your entire staff thanks and hope all goes well for all of you in the future." Dale & Margie Brandon

"Spyns was a phenomenal experience!  I highly recommend Ryan and his team for anyone interested in seeing/living through Pamplona without the headache of actually having to coordinate it yourself.  A top-notch trip and one that will be remembered forever!" Kristen Carlson

"I just want to let you know how much fun you made our Pamplona trip. I had no idea what to expect and you exceeded every expectation I had. Your staff was amazing and they were on top of everything!  You are great at what you do and I wish you and Spyns continued success!" Marcia Hock & Bill Emerick

"Jeanne and I would like to thank you and your great staff for a wonderful and memorable trip to Pamplona. The "personal touch" you guys showed was a step above other tours. Running with the bulls is an experience I will never forget and it probably would not have happened if I did not take your tour (I definitely would have stood in the wrong spot). SPYNS will be highly recommended and described as the only way to go." Brandon & Jeanne Gray

"You're terrific to have arranged all this. Already I miss our band of adventurers and hope we can get together again in 2011. Thank you so much." Kieran Kramer

"We could not have done it without you. It was great having you tailor something for our specific and limited needs for a wonderful three days in Pamplona. Your guides were kind, interesting and obviously love what they do. You provided awesome service and were worth every penny." Anne Winner & Family

"The trip was very well executed from beginning to end. We had detailed information prior to departure, were picked up by a cheerful Spyns employee at the train station and given a detailed bike tour of Pamplona prior to the crowds arriving. We were shown where each event would be held and we walked the route of the bull run so we could see the tiny streets and all the tight corners and turns. In the Rioja region, we experienced historic wineries with incredible meals and good wine as well as heart pounding bike rides, which made the pitchers of sangria that awaited us at the end even tastier. Ryan was a perfect host and made sure all events went according to plan and we could just sit back and enjoy the experience." Liz Bayless

"Great time. Give my thanks to all." Craig Glick & Family

"It was so great planning a trip where one deals directly with the owner! It felt more like traveling with a good friend. Ryan's great personality, personal knowledge of the area, and unending customer service are a hard combination to beat! We would definitely recommend a SPYNS tour to anyone." Larry & Marie Cobado

"Thanks so much for everything. I had a great time - hesitated for about 2 seconds coming alone but I knew I'd have fun regardless. You guys did a great job herding the cattle. It's hard work and the whole group noticed it." Michelle Smer

"We had a wonderful trip with Spyns. I have been on a number of group tours and this one was special. Magical." Bruce & Barb Galloway

"Pamplona is a fantastic destination. The trip is special thanks to your customer service and personal involvement. The Christmas Day phone call, the post card in March and your kind response to our new red shoes is what made this whole experience unforgettable. If we ever have the chance, we will travel with you again." John & Amy DeDea

"This was an excellent, magnificent experience. I will recommend Spyns to the world. This was made most enjoyable by your expertise and professionalism. Your arrangements and personal touch were beyond expectations. We would travel with you anywhere." The Henne Family

"Thanks for going the extra mile...It's amazing that 'grown-ups' rely so heavily on you to point the way and fill in the gaps. You do it well & with style. Thanks." Dave Winterbottom

"So much fun and you are the dream guides! Thanks for your terrific planning, positive attitude and for being so open-minded." Debra Frati & Jerry Brunner

"This was a wonderful experience. After three days I am leaving a 'broken' man, but I will return soon. You have been a great host and anticipated all our needs. I will be happy to encourage others to travel here and with you." Joanne & Wilson Dinsmore

"The trip and experience was everything that I had anticipated! For decades I had wanted to participate in the running of the bulls. Everything was fantastic." Al Kvaal

"You know safety was a concern of mine and I never felt uncomfortable at any time. Relying on your knowledge, guidance, planning and PATIENCE was worth every penny. I can 't imagine experiencing and conquering Pamplona in any other way. I will definitely plan another Spyns trip." Denise Pullum

"For all of us, thanks so much for helping to make our Pamplona experience so amazing and memorable. One cannot understand San Fermin and the encierro without experiencing it first-hand. Great job with everything. Thank you." Susan & Ryan Dutton, Carol and Dave Orr, Mike Lucid

"San Fermin lives on in our hearts! We will remember the July we spent in Pamplona with Spyns. Thank you for guiding our adventure with joy and a grand sense of humor. We wish you success." Pam & Bruce Alexander

"This trip was worth it. The best! A small and intimate tour among new friends." Vince Miralles

"You provided a fantastic experience here in Pamplona. Your efforts & enthusiasm were greatly appreciated. Hope to see you again for more great adventures in Europe." Terry Horan

"Thanks for such a great time. You really put together a good trip for us." Ben Cedarland

"Thanks again for hooking this trip up and making it the coolest experience for San Fermin possible. You rock!" Thomas Goffrier

"Wonderful trip! Amazing job, don't know how you do it. Look forward to doing another tour." Mark West

"Spyns does an outstanding job so you can truly enjoy every aspect of the adventure and experience Spain and Pamplona." Dan Swanson

"Best trip ever. It was crazy. John and I definitely appreciate what you did for us." Brandon Davis

"This has definitely been the best part of my Europe trip. Spyns did an excellent job providing knowledge and service to enjoy the festival fully. I appreciate you taking care of us and protecting our limbs from careless decisions. I hope to go on another Spyns tour again soon." John Hutchinson

"Great trip, fabulous hotels & friendly, helpful staff. We will definitely recommend your trips and will be joining you on a few more. Your personal attention to all amenities makes the tour the best." Theresa & Don Nibblett

"Thanks for a great time! From the hotel, to the reserved balconies, to the guided tours and events, and the spectacular dining the entire experience has been awesome." Dora & Alphonso Willis

"Thanks for making my trip one to remember." Matt Hill

"An amazing experience. Thanks for being a guide without being a guide. As I am sure you can tell by now, I am not a tour person, which is why I went with Spyns. I remember when I first spoke with you and you said, "We're not a 'follow the guide with the red flag' type company. That is what sold me. Thanks." Lisa Cooper

"Thanks for the best trip ever! Spyns definitely went the "extra mile" to make sure we had everything we needed. I'd be happy to drive the Spyns van anytime." Jim Miller

"What a piece of crap this tour was. All I did was enjoy the best seven days of my life since I was last in Spain...forty-one years ago! Thanks for a great time." Bill "Cowboy" & Robin Lamza

"Thanks for a well-organized and fun trip. Look forward to recommending your outfit to others and traveling with you again soon. A great time!" Ken Stephens

"Wow what a journey! I can't believe it was last summer that I hit your website - thank goodness we joined your tour. It has been, by far, our best vacation. Can't wait for the next one." Sharon & Andy Castro

"This has been by far one of my best travel experiences. Well planned, great people...I hope to do it again." Sandra Cline

"Thanks for the great trip and memories. It's the best tour I've ever taken...I hope to travel with you again." Bary Hearon

"A wonderful trip with wonderful new experiences & friends. Thanks so very much" Gail Humble

“Great biking experience through vineyards and perfect way to see the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.” Dennie McCrary

"Our Spyns tour was; well organised yet flexible; informative yet so much fun; the attention to detail was outstanding; as a host Ryan was perfect; a true vacation!" Meredith & Andy Feldman

“The trip exceeded all my expectations. The planning and events were all perfectly executed - and fun. I don't think I've ever crammed so much into 6 days.” John Rogers

“Perfect mix of culture, activity, and bodegas (Spanish for winery).” Parker McCrary

"Thanks again for the best family trip ever. We had such a great time." The Warshawsky Family

"No words can express our gratitude for such a terrific week - scenery, food, wine...Thank you for your hospitality and sharing with us your friends and stories in this part of the world - a paradise!" Carol & Lorne MacLean

"There are no words to describe the cultural, visual, gastronomic and exciting experience we had with you. We will recommend Spyns to everyone we know and meet. We will never forget the tour or you. A million thanks." Kathy Trost

"The best week spent with my best friends. Too much wine but not too much fun. Everything was fabulous...thanks to Ryan." Carolyn & Dean Parker

"Easygoing yet informative holiday which includes exercise, great food and drink, and superb service. Ryan knows his stuff. I would definitely do it again." Stephen Weiss

"Carefree travel of exceptional quality. Let Ryan take care of the details. I would follow Ryan anywhere." Debra Marshall

“Incredible! We can’t wait for our next trip.” Marc & Doris Lavigne

“The bike trip was exceptional. The attention to detail, flexibility, planning, and execution made it one of our best vacations ever. Superb accommodations. Adaptable to all levels of riding. Highly recommended.” Laura & Jean Cherwell

“Perfect!” Kathryn & Dean Paquette

"Thank you again for a great trip. We all had a wonderful time and...are already missing our morning rides (as well as the chocolate croissants!!). You did a great job with all of the planning and organizing." The Haselkorn Family

“What put my trip to over the top was skill of our guides. Once I realized that the thousand little details of the tour were being expertly taken care of, I completely succumbed to the simple pleasures of beautiful scenery, great food, and fine wine.” Chris Martins

"I didn´t want to go home.¨ Katarina Hilton

"I cannot tell you how much we all loved our trip and your company. I truly hope we will have another adventure with you." The Houstoun Family